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Baker lying in his hospital bed, Iraq© E. Fourt/Handicap International

“He wants to know if his legs will grow back”18/05/17

On 21st March 2017, 9-year-old Baker was injured in an air attack in the west of Mosul. After having both of his legs amputated, he is now recovering in a…

    • Iraq

"Feeling safe is priceless"18/05/17

Mohamad, 9, was badly injured when his house in Syria was bombed. After initially struggling to adapt to his situation, he is now back at school and…

  • Jordan
  • Syria

Zeidan's first ever physiotherapy session18/05/17

In December 2016, Zeidan, 5, and his family fled the fighting in Mosul and took refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan. Zeidan, who has cerebral palsy, recently had his…

  • Iraq

“No one should be left behind in a crisis”18/05/17

Aleema Shivji, Executive Director of Handicap International UK, explains how we are keeping up the pressure to ensure people with disabilities are not left…

  • United Kingdom
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