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Malak, 5, using parallel bars, Jordan© Elisa Fourt/Handicap International

Malak, 5, gets her curiosity back03/06/16

Five-year-old Malak is a curious and independent child who likes nothing more than walking round the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan with her father Houdey…

    • Jordan
    • Syria

Giles Duley: “Rehabilitation gave me hope”22/06/16

British photographer Giles Duley knows the importance of physical rehabilitation all too well, both through the people with disabilities he has met in…

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria

Qusay, 14: “I don't have to depend on anyone”08/06/16

Eloquent, determined and mature beyond his 14 years, Qusay is coping with losing both his legs in an air strike in Syria. His progress is an inspiration to…

  • Jordan
  • Syria

Uma, 18: “I only have one leg but it’s given me one clear path. To help others like me.”04/05/16

High in the Kathmandu Valley, Uma and her family are rebuilding their lives step by step following the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Their family home was…

  • Nepal
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