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Naw Mu Eh Gay, an 8 year old child in Mae La refugee camp, Thailand.© Erika Pineros/Handicap International

"Every child has the right to play, wherever they live in the world"07/12/16

Aleema Shivji, Director of Handicap International UK, blogs about a new campaign with IKEA Fuundation to create inclusive playgrounds where vulnerable…

    • Bangladesh
    • Pakistan
    • Thailand

Campaigners and school students say "Stop Bombing Civilians"02/12/16

The UK's biggest grassroots campaign in support of the forgotten victims of conflict has begun. Now in its eighth year, the Forgotten 10 Challenge will see…

  • United Kingdom

Mosul: Handicap International launches emergency response30/11/16

Over the last six weeks, more than 75,000 people have fled the fighting in Mosul and its surrounding area.  Handicap International has deployed a dozen…

  • Iraq

"There Is No Safe Place In Syria"24/11/16

Aleema Shivji, Director of Handicap International UK, blogs on the horrific situation facing Syrian civilians.

  • Syria
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