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Injured after a bombing on her hometown, this young woman was supported by Handicap International through the provision of an assistive device and psychosocial support sessions.© Handicap International

Urgent need for rehabilitation services in Yemen21/02/17

After two years of war, violence is part of daily life in Yemen. Handicap International is therefore providing support to rehabilitation departments in…

    • Yemen

"The UK must leave no disabled child behind"15/02/17

Aleema Shivji, Executive Director of Handicap International UK, blogs on the recent UK Home Office decision to suspend the entry of disabled child refugees…

Handicap International prepares to launch demining operations in Colombia18/01/17

Handicap International, active in Colombia since 1998 [1], is preparing to launch a five-year mine clearance operation in three of the country’s…

  • Colombia

Handicap International-supported hospital impacted by an airstrike15/02/17

A Handicap International-supported hospital in the governorate of Dar’a (South Syria) was indirectly hit by an airstrike on the evening of the 13th of…

  • Syria
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