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First transport by sea organised at the end of October via the logistics platform set up by Handicap International.© Handicap International

700 emergency kits distributed in Haiti: “many victims were yet to receive aid” 11/01/17

Handicap International is continuing its work to help the victims of Hurricane Matthew, three months after the hurricane swept through Haiti. Over 700…

    • Haiti

Seven years after the earthquake in Haiti, Handicap International continues to improve rehabilitation services11/01/17

On 12 January 2010, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake which killed 230,000 people and injured over 300,000. Handicap International took action…

  • Haiti

Handicap International celebrates 20 years in Laos23/12/16

On 25th November 2016, Handicap International staff, government ministers, and local authorities in Laos gathered in Chao Anouvong Park, in Vientiane, to…

  • Laos

Worood, 8, Syria: “I’d like to clap my hands like the other children”12/12/16

Worood, 8, is from Syria. In February 2013, she lost her arm after she and her family were injured in a bombing. For several weeks, Handicap…

  • Syria
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