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Nirmala and Khendo at the National Disabled Fund rehabilitation centre© Lucas Veuve/Handicap International

“They are inseparable”: Nirmala and Khendo, 2 years after the Nepal earthquake24/04/17

Nirmala, 9, and Khendo, 10, both had limbs amputated after being injured in the huge earthquake which hit Nepal on 25th April 2015. Handicap International's…

    • Nepal

The impact of your support, two years on from the Nepal earthquake24/04/17

Handicap International's team took immediate action following the earthquake that struck Nepal on 25th April 2015. Two years on, we review the incredible…

  • Nepal

East Africa Food Crisis: The view from the ground20/04/17

A severe food crisis is advancing across East Africa, Nigeria and Yemen. Xavier Duvauchelle, Handicap International’s desk officer for the East Africa…

  • Somaliland and Puntland
  • South Sudan
  • Yemen

Food crisis in South Sudan: Ensuring no one is left behind07/04/17

As the food crisis worsens across East Africa, individual stories from our programme in South Sudan remind us that caring for vulnerable people during…

  • South Sudan
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