Help us restore hope in a time of war


Help restore hope

For most of us the daily horrors of war are unimaginable. Buildings cracked and crushed, rubble and dust everywhere. Overhead, clouds of dirty smoke hanging as far as the eye can see, and the constant whistle of shells and thump of artillery.

Worst of all though is the fear and the uncertainty – never feeling safe, the constant worry for loved ones, and knowing that each day is simply a fight to stay alive.

For years this has been the grim, daily reality in Syria and northern Iraq. Civilians terrified and targeted, forced to flee their homes with nothing but the desperate wish to survive and to protect their families. Many become casualties of war.

Pushpak Newar co-ordinates Handicap International’s rehabilitation activities in Iraq: “A few months ago I met a child from Mosul. His legs had been amputated because he could not get the treatment he needed. The conflict almost killed him and he is still in a critical condition. He lives in an area that is almost impossible to reach, but I’ve lost count of the number of Iraqi children in the same situation.”

The work Handicap International does is absolutely critical. Saving lives, fitting prosthetics, and providing rehabilitation and psychological support, in the most extreme and difficult conditions.

Help us restore hope in a time of war

Please support our urgent appeal for the innocent victims of war and fighting in Syria and Iraq. Your gift today could help us clear land of unexploded bombs and provide rehabilitation to injured children, helping them regain their independence.

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The stories of some incredibly brave and determined children are included below. Read on to find out how, thanks to the generosity of Handicap International supporters, they all have renewed hope.

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