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Promoting the rights of people with disabilities

A young girl in a red dress using crutches, Liberia
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Handicap International works in Liberia to promote the full and equal enjoyment of human rights by people with disabilities. We also promote equal access to education and support the development of quality rehabilitation services.

Our activities in Liberia began in 2000 when we set up a rehabilitation centre in Monrovia to meet the physiotherapy and orthopaedic care needs of people with disabilities and the victims of the civil war.

Key facts

Figures from the country's last census show that people with disabilities account for 16% of the population. Misunderstanding about disability based in cultural beliefs mean that disabled people are often stigmatised and pushed to the margins of society. This discrimination sees disabled people excluded from the education system, from employment opportunities, health services and many other areas of life.

• Human Development Index: 174th out of 187
• Life expectancy: 57 years
• Population: 4.1 million
Source: UNDP HDR 2013

Ebola prevention messages on poaster
Ebola epidemic: Handicap International shifts focus to stem virus
Following an initial outbreak of Ebola fever in Guinea last March, the epidemic has spread rapidly to neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia. According to the World Health Organisation, the number of cases attributed to Ebola fever stands at 1,600, including 887 deaths. The most deadly outbreak of Ebola ever, the epidemic is spreading at a worrying pace. Travel restrictions and tough quarantine measures are currently in force in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Bruno Leclercq
Ebola prevention in Sierra Leone and Liberia
Following an initial outbreak in Guinea last March, the latest Ebola epidemic in West Africa has spread rapidly to neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia. The number of cases attributed to Ebola fever currently stands at 1,201, including 672 deaths.
Ebenezer Adamtey, Liberia
A new wheelchair, a new life
Liberia, March 2009. Ebenezer Adamtey, 44, had a car accident in 1979 that left him with multiple fractures in his left leg. He moves around in a “WorldMade” wheelchair he received from the Monrovia rehabilitation centre, with the support of Handicap International. Unlike other models, it enables him to move around easily and over long distances.

Our projects

Inclusion logo

Rights, Equality, Citizenship, Solidarity and Inclusion for People with Disabilities (West Africa)

Regional project run in Benin, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.
Goal: To guarantee the full and equal enjoyment of rights for all by working with local and national stakeholders to tackle barriers to inclusion.
Beneficiaries: People with disabilities, national and local disabled people's organisations and the wider population in the capital, Monrovia.

Inclusion logo

Promoting the full participation of children with disabilities through education (West Africa)

Regional project running in Burkina Faso, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo.
Goal: To train teachers and other education professionals to make their lessons and their schools inclusive so that all children are able to realise their potential.
Beneficiaries: People with disabilities, particularly disabled children and their families, schools and. organisations.

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Making it work: Advancing the rights of people with disabilities

Goal: To build the capacity of disabled people's organisations to undertake advocacy alongside decision makers and to influence public policy that includes people with disabilities.
Beneficiaries: People with disabilities, disabled people's organisations, national federations of disabled people's organisations and public representatives.

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